Mini's for your Mini

Now is the time to document everything you can about your little ones so that later, you can show them where they started, how they grew into the person they are going to be, and where their interests were before they grew up and started down their adult path.

What is a Mini Session?

Mini sessions are a wonderful way to capture your little ones as they grow! These sessions are designed to capture your children being their true self by allowing them to have a little creative freedom and take charge in having some say in their poses! When children are allowed to have input in their photos, they usually open up for the camera more and this allows them to feel a part of the process and have some control! It leads to images with happier smiles and more energy which creates an amazing look and feel to your images. It is an amazing opportunity to allow your child to feel empowered and improve their self-esteem while showing off their individuality!

What is included?

Nothing is more precious than the time we have with our little ones, these sessions are only 30 minutes long allowing you to spend the rest of your day making more memories! We keep in constant communication up until the session day so we can discuss details of your session and get down to the nitty gritty of what you and your little one would love to include. We love to go over ideas and possibilities for your session and most importantly, your location! Choosing places that your little one is comfortable being themselves at is recommended to get the best smiles, so think about your little one and what they love to do and how the location will compliment your session.

We will go over posing ideas, but the main goal is to capture your little one being themselves, we want them to feel free to put their own spin on our ideas! Talk with your little one and ask them what their thoughts are for poses, the goal is to get them excited to go to the session so open up Pinterest and get them involved in searching for ideas! Just remember, 30 minutes goes by fast when your making good memories but if more time is needed (due to unforeseen little things) we can always extend the session longer if need be!

We just expanded to include studio setting portraits for those days that are too rainy for outside photographs so don't forget to ask about our studio portrait options!

After the Session

After the session you will receive a link to your personalized and password protected gallery to view images as they're completed so you can start marking your favorites! Once the full gallery is finished, we can either meet in person or via video chat and you will pick out your images and products (if you choose to upgrade to one of our packages). We value your time and each free moment you have so, after our meeting I will update the gallery with the images you chose to purchase, fully edited and retouched in High Resolution, which only takes a few clicks to download!

Ready to book a session?

We would love to hear your session ideas and talk about your needs for a successful session so send us a message with some details about your availability and how many littles you are wanting to include! Remember, this session is just for the little ones so make sure you get them involved in some of the choices!